Australian immigration policies, coupled with quiet, uncomplicated procedures and rules, have attracted thousands of Indians looking for a foreign country. Another factor that attracts Indian immigrants to the land of kangaroos is its thriving economy that promises exceptional employment opportunities, resulting in a better living standard. The country also ensures a multicultural community that is inviting, peaceful, and harmonious in turn urging the people to go from India to Australia.

To make this real, the country offers Permanent Residency or PR visas to Indians. The following article will give you important information regarding why PR in Australia is beneficial and how to get PR in Australia.

What is a PR Visa or PR for Australia?

A PR or a ‘permanent resident’ is a document specifically designed for foreigners who wish to become a citizen of Australia. To acquire the same, one has to go through a systematic process that evaluates the application of the individual through their credentials.

However, once you get the PR, you can live in Australia for as long as you want. With PR, a five-year travel facility is given to the applicant. Using this facility, the holder can leave and then return to Australia whenever they want.

Benefits of having a PR in Australia

The Australian PR holder can avail and enjoy most of the rights and privileges as an average Australian citizen does. For example, free or subsidized health care and various other legal rights. However, they do not get the freedom to vote in federal/state elections.

The visa has a validity period of five years. After living for three years or more (the waiting period), the individual can apply for Australian citizenship with the government. For this, you will have to undergo various processes along with some formalities. The whole process of acquiring an Australian PR from India can take anywhere between three to twelve months.

Some Benefits of having a PR in Australia

  • You are free to move, travel, and live in any part of Australia without any legal restrictions.
  • You get the freedom to take up and pursue any educational or vocational you like and even apply for educational loans.
  • You can also avail almost all security benefits, including payments after holding the PR for at least two years.
  • You are free to work in Australia for an indefinite period with the freedom to travel in and out of the country as per your own will.
  • You can also avail free or subsidized healthcare facilities and avail the government’s health insurance benefits.
  • You are free to work under any employer and even apply for various government jobs.
  • You also get the benefit of sponsoring your family members’ or relatives’ permanent or temporary permit, if they meet the prerequisites.
  • You can also travel to New Zealand and apply for their visa.
  • You also become eligible to apply for Australian citizenship after meeting the prerequisites and undergoing some processes.

Requirements for an Australian PR visa

Acquiring an Australian PR visa is an absolute point-based process. You can either do it online or offline. The following are the requirements to acquire the PR visa:

1- Documents: There is a list of documents you should keep handy. The list is:

  • Application form
  • Character certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Education Credential Assessment Report
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Business reference letter
  • Spouse skill documents if they have applied for the same
  • Proof of nomination
  • Test results of IELTS or PTE exam (mentioned below)
  • Skill assessment certificate by the concerned authority

2- Point-based System: You are expected to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) to the Australian Skill Select System online. This online portal records and stores a complete and detailed applicant profile (age, gender, occupation, language skills, etc.).

Based on this, you are awarded points, also known as Australia PR points. To be eligible for the visa, you must have a minimum 60 points. But, higher the points you have, more are your chances of receiving a PR visa invitation.

The following information gives detailed data on point grading:

  • English proficiency- 20 points
  • Age (25-33 years)- 30 points
  • Work experience in Australia (8-10 years)- 20 points
  • Work experience outside Australia (8-10 years)- 15 points
  • Education (outside Australia) (Doctorate Degree)- 20 points
  • Niche skills by research in Australia- 10 points
  • Study in a regional area- 5 points
  • Accredited in community language- 5 points
  • Professional year in a skilled program in Australia- 5 points

3- Language Requirements: You should be proficient in English to be eligible for the PR qualification. Documents assessing your language proficiency are essential. One of the most popular exams conducted for the same is the IELTS (International English Language Test System), PTE or TOEFL.

4- Selecting a Profession from SOL: You are expected to choose an occupation from the SOL (Skilled Occupation Lists). The list contains various careers available at the time regarding the Australian labor market. This list is regularly updated with occupation options applicable for immigrants to Australia. The following categories are the SOL lists:

  • Regional Occupations List
  • Long-term and Medium-term Strategic Skills List
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List

5- Selecting an Appropriate Visa Category: There are various visa categories that the applicant can choose from as per their needs. Currently, the Australian government offers 30 plus visa classes, especially for Indians. For faster approval, an Indian applicant can apply in either of these classes:

  • Subclass 132- Business talent visa
  • Subclass 890 – Business visa
  • Subclass 891 – Investor visa: For citizens who wish to invest in Australia
  • Subclass 190 – Skilled state-sponsored visa: For all the skilled workers nominated by Australian.
  • Subclass 189 – Skilled independent visa: This visa is applicable for skilled workers. However, this visa doesn’t attract any sponsorship.
  • Subclass 491 – Skilled regional visa: for this visa, one should meet and fulfil all the skill requirements and gain sponsorship or nomination from the Australian state or territory or region.
  • Parent visa/Parent visa/Child visa: This family-stream resident visa is for partners/spouses, parents, and other family members of Australian citizens.

6-Health and Character: The applicant should have documents proving they are mentally fit to work and live in Australia. They should have a moral character and should not have any past criminal records.

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Steps involved in the Application Process

  1. Check and confirm all the requirements mentioned above.
  2. Take approved English proficiency tests and clear them.
  3. Have your skills assessed by the Australian authorities, including education and work experience.
  4. Provide accurate information on the EOI online portal. The questions asked would be connected to the visa subclass you choose.
  5. Receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply). After you submit your application and fulfil all the mandatory requirements, you will receive an ITA.
  6. This application must contain all the documents mentioned above. The applicant is expected to submit this within 60 days.
  7. Obtain and submit your clearance certificates, including health and police clearance certificates.
  8. Receive and collect your PR visa. This is the final step of the process.

Key Requirements for Indian Applicants

  • Work experience certificates
  • English language proficiency
  • Educational certificates
  • travel documents like passports, authority documents, etc.

An Indian citizen can apply for the Australian permanent resident visa if they are a skilled worker or a professional businessman and have more than or equal to 60 points.

 Time Taken to Acquire an Australian Visa

Many people question – Why does Australia PR take so long? Generally, an Australian visa takes a long time. It is mostly because each step in the process requires a thorough analysis from their end. Also, a stipulated time is fixed for some steps for the convenience of the Australian and Indian PR authorities.

Cost for Acquiring the Australian PR visa

Every step has its separate cost and varies from time to time or agent to agent. Some general costs are medical examination costs, English examination costs, PR application costs, etc. Know More – Abroad Ninja