Studying in the UK can be an exciting opportunity for international students to gain a world-class education and experience a new culture. However, obtaining a student visa can be a daunting process. In this blog, we will explore the various types of UK student visas available, the requirements for each type of visa, and the application process. 

Whether you are a first-time applicant or a current student looking to extend your visa, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information to help you navigate the UK student visa application process with confidence. So, let’s get started!

UK Student Visa New Rules

The UK government regularly updates its rules and requirements for student visas, so it is important for international students to stay informed. Here are some of the most recent changes to UK student visa rules:

  1. Points-based system: The UK has introduced a new points-based system for student visas, which is based on the level of study and the sponsor institution. Students will need to score a minimum of 70 points to be eligible for a visa.
  2. Health surcharge: From October 2020, the health surcharge for international students has increased to £470 per year. This entitles students to use the National Health Service (NHS) during their stay in the UK.
  3. English language requirements: All students will need to demonstrate their proficiency in English language skills as a part of the visa application process. They can do so by providing a test certificate from an approved provider.
  4. Financial requirements: International students will need to demonstrate that they have enough funds to support themselves during their studies. The amount required will depend on the duration of the course and the location of the institution.
  5. Working in the UK: Students on a Tier 4 visa will be allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time during vacations.

It is important for international students to keep up-to-date with these rules and requirements to ensure a smooth and successful visa application process.

UK Student Visa General Questions

During the application process for a UK student visa, applicants can expect to be asked a variety of questions about their personal, educational, and financial background. Here are some general questions that may be asked:

  1. Why do you want to study in the UK?
  2. What course are you planning to study and at which institution?
  3. How long do you plan to stay in the UK?
  4. Have you studied in the UK before?
  5. What is your current educational background?
  6. Do you have any previous work experience?
  7. How do you plan to fund your studies in the UK?
  8. Have you arranged accommodation for your stay in the UK?
  9. Do you have any family or friends in the UK?
  10. What are your plans after you complete your studies?

It’s important to answer these questions truthfully and in detail to ensure a successful visa application. The visa officer may also ask additional questions based on the information provided in the application, so it’s important to be prepared and have all the necessary documents and information on hand.

How to Get Through the UK Student Visa New Rules 2023?

Abroad Ninja may be able to provide support and guidance throughout the visa application process, including:

  1. Helping you understand the new rules and requirements for UK student visas in 2023, including the new points-based system and other requirements such as English language proficiency and financial documentation.
  2. Assisting with the preparation of your visa application, including checking that all required documents are present and in the correct format, helping you complete the online application, and preparing you for the visa interview.
  3. Providing ongoing support throughout the process, answering any questions you may have and offering advice on how to navigate any issues that may arise during the application process.
  4. Providing access to a network of resources and information about studying in the UK, including advice on finding suitable courses and institutions, and information about student life and accommodation.

Ultimately, a service like Abroad Ninja may be able to provide valuable assistance throughout the visa application process, helping you to understand the new rules and requirements, and ensuring that you have the best chance of a successful visa application.


To summarize, the UK student visa requirements and rules are subject to regular updates and changes, so it’s important for international students to stay informed of the latest news and developments. Some recent updates include the introduction of a new points-based system for student visas, an increase in the health surcharge, and new post-study work visa options. It’s important for international students to be prepared and have all the necessary documents and information on hand when applying for a UK student visa. Seeking assistance from a reputable service provider like Abroad Ninja can also be a useful way to navigate the application process and ensure the best chance of success.