Ireland comes across as a charming place to study but not many know that the corporate tax rate in Ireland is close to 12.5 % as compared to the UK where it’s 28% whereas the US has a corporate tax rate of 35%.

Ireland is one of those few countries that values learning and education above anything else. The country’s roots go back to the times when monks and monasteries dominated most of the country. Ireland is ranked first in Europe when it comes to the percentage of graduates.

Being an English speaking country, people from every corner of the world prefer to study in Ireland. It is also quite well known that the country has always stressed on the aspect of discipline and its relevance in everyday life.

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If you wish to study there, have you considered the courses that you should take up?

Let’s delve into four undergraduate courses in Ireland that are of extreme value:

  • Investment Banking & Finance :  There is a dearth of people who are needed in the Risk and Compliance department. Most leading banking and investment firms have their bases in Ireland and to have passed out with a course in this arena always proves advantageous.
    You can work as a Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Financial Regulator, Retail Banker and the like.
    Dublin is the very hub for those who wish to settle in Ireland and for those who plan on returning to their respective countries, the prospect seems bright as well.
  • Medical Courses :  A 5 year medical program in Ireland sees to it that you can apply for practice anywhere you would want to.
    There is no requirement of knowing any other language so as to communicate with patients post the completion of one’s medical degree in Ireland.
    A medical degree completed in Ireland is accepted by Asian, American and European countries and so, most students who are clinically inclined, prefer to get done with their courses here.
  • Management : Management has remained a preferred course by most students as Management has immense scope in terms of career opportunities.
    Most students opt for Management Studies as this helps broaden their analytical, reasoning as well as other soft skills. In the times that we live in, most organizations value EQ (emotional quotient) and this comes when someone has truly grasped the gospels of Management studies.
    The medium of instruction is English and that too is an important reason behind this course being highly sought after.
  • Journalism & Mass Communication : Now, everyone likes a good communicator.
    Being able to express oneself is a trait that one isn’t born with, it needs to be mastered.
    Ireland has exceptional faculty when it comes to Mass Communication. Getting an undergraduate degree in the subject from here guarantees a career across vast fields.  Be it PR, Advertising, Publishing Houses, News firms or Film Studios; the options to choose from are endless.

Although we have listed four most sought after undergraduate courses that you can go for in Ireland, studying for courses other than these will also remain in your favor.
The country values those who are eager to learn and implement their learnings in their later lives. As long as you do well in your language proficiency test, secure satisfactory grades and put in your best, you have nothing to sweat about! Know More – Abroad Ninja