Permanent Residency in Canada

Hand holding you from today to landing in Canada

Program Highlight

Dedicated Personal Consultant

Complete Express Entry process

Multiple Provincial nominations (PNPs) included

In-depth Proof of fund Management

Visa Application Documentation

Flawless Immigration office communication

How it Works

Your timeline

Eligibility Check

Your personal mentor studies your profile. CRS Score is calculated IELTS Band Requirement is determined


IELTS Training with Personal Trainer

Your key score targets for IELTS are identified. Our academic team prepares a custom preparation plan. You are given personalized training in critical exams


Documents Preparation & Verification

Our experts work with your personal mentor on an extensive documentation process. ECA Process is done.

Express Entry Profile Management

Your mentor creates EE Profile creation. Takes documents and information through multiple checks and submits a flawless application


PNP Applications

Your mentor works with the PNP tracking team continuously to identify Provinces where your profile is in demand and submits your application.


Visa (ITA) Application Management

An ITA specialist is assigned to you. Who takes over a tedious process of populating your 10-year history, several documentation proofs takes them through several verifications and submits your visa application

Immigration office communication and Final settlement

Your ITA mentor manages all consulate communication for your visa and handholds you until you lands and find a home in Canada

Evaluate your chances

Can my spouse be a primary applicant?

Can I get PR without the IELTS exam?

Share your profile & work experience and our experts can discuss the best options for you regarding settling abroad.

Price & Package
  • Profile Evaluation
  • Education Credential Assessment
  • NOC code analyzing and documentation
  • Proof of Fund And Financing documentation
  • IELTS Mentorship for CLB 9
  • Express Entry Profiling
  • PNP Filing in all eligible province
  • ITA Process + Province Nomination (End to End)
  • Medical and PCC
  • Post Landing Job Assistance
  • Accommodation Guidance
  • Specific Document Creation (LOI)
MRP: ₹ 50000Enroll Now
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