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Australia is a highly developed country that has the maximum amount of skilled workforce in its region.It is a culturally diverse country and is home to myriad ethnicities who have contributed greatly to the nation’s progress in every front.

It became one of the first countries in the world to accord women the right to vote. It has always believed in gender parity and some of the best sportsmen, artists & other professionals have come from Australia. English is the primary language that’s spoken in Australia. Other than English, Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese and Italian are widely spoken by people.

Career and Average Salaries in Australia

Australian salaries are better than the salaries that are offered by other European countries. One can spend as well as save properly with the amount of money that one makes per month. The minimum wage in Australia is $17.49 per hour. Let’s browse through some of the professions and the amount of money that each makes.

Below are the best paying jobs in Australia:

Profession Average Salary
Teacher 46 lacs
Doctor 67 lacs
Media and Communications 66 lacs
Marketing manager 55 lacs
Healthcare 57 lacs
Food Services 36 lacs
Finance Manager 50 lacs
Lifestyle Post Settlement

Most Australians look forward to the weekend after working industriously throughout the week. Weekends are for a trip to the beaches, meet ups at cafes or barbecue dinners majorly. Australians are also sports enthusiasts and love spending time playing outdoors. The work-life balance in Australia is much more relaxed than other countries and Australians generally head home post 5 pm to plan out the rest of their day.

The Australian Government takes care to ensure that the country remains as free from crime as is possible. Laws and legislations put in place are generally adhered to. Racism is discouraged and most Australians are forward thinking and easy going people.

Within four months of moving to the country, more than 80 out of 100 migrants with qualified independent visas get work.

Indian Diaspora

In all the major States & Cities, there are Indian organizations and communities that are quite active and prominent. There are ethnic productions , Indian language programmes that are broadcasted in all the major cities there.

Indians have a good political representation in Australia and are seen as equals. It is one of the safest places globally as there are negligible crimes, political unrest & conspiracies.

The Indian population in Australia has been steadily increasing since the past 7-8 years and there doesn’t seem to be a decline in this trend. Such is the warmth of the country that Indians rarely feel like second or third class citizens there. Being extremely skilled and diligent, Indians are valued for these traits and seen as the people of the country. Indians have also been achieving citizenship faster than they would and this seems like a positive move on the part of the Government.

Australia Settlement Process

An Australian Permanent Residency allows you to work, stay and settle in Australia with ease. You need to be a Permanent Resident of the country for 3 years after which you will be qualified for Australian citizenship.

  • To apply for a PR, your occupation must be included in the skilled occupation list.
  • You need to be below 45 years of age and must have a Score of 65 in the points grid.
  • The Points Grid assesses you on factors such as your age, education, work experience and others.
  • You must hold the accepted score in your English language proficiency test.
  • You need to register an Expression of Interest (EOI) in Australia’s Skill Select Portal. This lets Australian authorities know that you are interested in moving to the country. You will then receive an Invitation to Apply from the authorities (ITA)