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Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world & is home to a diverse population that includes people from all over the world. It has the fastest growing GDP and a falling inflation rate which makes it the top destination for settling.

Canada is also an active member of the Commonwealth & works closely with other developed countries in making peoples’ lives better.

Career and Average Salaries in Canada

A vast majority of professionals choose to settle in Canada as it offers lucrative employment opportunities with salaries that are impressive

  • An average salary in Canada for a skilled professional ranges between 60 lacs to 1 crore

Below are the best paying jobs in Canada:

Job Role Average Salary
Computer Engineering 50 lacs
Nursing 33 lacs
Data Scientist 50 to 75 lacs
Recruitment Manager 30 lacs
Lawyer 45 lacs
Surgeon 90 lacs to 1 crore
Finance Manager 50 lacs
Lifestyle Post Settlement

Being a developed nation, Canada welcomes all immigrants with open arms & offers them a quality of life that they grow really fond of. Canada has gained a reputation for being immigrant- friendly and does not discriminate. People from varied cultural backgrounds celebrate festivities and holidays together & it becomes a melting pot of everything good.

Canada strongly believes in sustained livelihood and the concept of free societies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student, a skilled worker, an entrepreneur or merely a tourist, Canada has tons of opportunities in store that will serve you in some way or the other.

Currently, annual immigration in Canada amounts to around 300,000 new immigrants – one of the highest rates per population of any country in the world.

Indian Diaspora

There are close to 25 lakh Indians residing in Canada. In fact, Indians comprise the largest segment of the South Asian population. Toronto has the maximum number of Indians who are happily residing with their families and making progress consistently. Other Canadian cities that have a considerable Indian population include Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal , Ottawa, Winnipeg as well as others. Sikhs , Muslims, Christians & Hindus live peacefully in the country & form a close-knit group for social gatherings and other events. As per statistics, Indian Canadians are one of the fastest growing communities.

Indians have a good political representation in Canada and are seen as equals. Canada is one of the safest places globally as there are negligible crimes, political unrest & conspiracies.

The Indian diaspora in Canada is much sought after as they’re well educated and quite successful in their careers.

Canada Settlement Process

Let’s come to Permanent Residence now. Why is Canadian PR so sought after ? Canadian Permanent Residency is a 5-year visa opportunity that provides skilled workers the chance to work & settle in Canada. One can change one’s status from being a permanent resident to Canadian citizenship after 3 years.

  • An Express Entry Program provides the gateway to people for settling in Canada.
  • Similar programs such as the Provincial Nominee Program, Skilled Immigrants Program are also gateways.
  • Based on your overall profile, you get points known as Canada PR Visa points through a Comprehensive Ranking System. Your CRS score determines your eligibility & ultimately your residency status in Canada