Studying in the United States is a dream that many aspirants see come true. It is one of the topmost destinations for students as the quality of education that the country has to offer remains unparalleled even today.

So, how do I get started on my journey for studying in the US?

A lot of students feel frustrated and confused before beginning their journey as the prospect of obtaining an education in a foreign land seems a bit too much to handle.
Making a shift always comes with its own set of uncertainties but clarity regarding the entire process smoothens most of these uncertainties out.
If you’re prepared for what’s coming, you will automatically feel relaxed about it.

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Let us now look at the five topmost criteria that applies to studying in the US:

Financial Aspect: Getting your finances sorted before you apply to an American University is a must.
A certain sum needs to be kept aside as application fee. If you need aid with regard to the fees, you need to get in touch with either a Study Abroad Consultancy or the University that you’re applying to.
A proof of financial eligibility is something that any academic institution would demand. Valid financial documents or your bank account statement are things that you might need to present the University with.

Academic History & Test Scores : Your SAT, ACT, GRE, IELTS , GMAT scores will be taken into account at the time of submitting your application.
Your previous academic records will also be scanned as they help shed light into how you’ve performed throughout your academic years. Make sure that you keep them in a folder somewhere along with their soft copies so that you do not fret when it’s actually time to submit them.

Language Proficiency: This is perhaps one of the most important pointers that matters.
Being proficient in English actually indicates that you possess the ability to participate well in classroom discussions & will also be able to absorb all that is taught in class.
Being able to follow the medium of instruction is the only way to further one’s academics.
Internationally Accredited English language tests such as IELTS, PTE as well as TOEFL exist for this very reason.
Doing well in these guarantees admission into prestigious colleges and universities.

SOPs & LORs: Letters of Recommendations and Statement of Purposes are documents that present the ideal qualities of an individual in front of a concerned body.
These need to be framed properly and should have a personal touch that could strike a chord with those who will be going through it.

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Student Visa : Checking the validity of your passport ensures that your visa-related formalities get completed on time.
The three most common types of visa issues are F1 Student Visa, J1 Exchange Visitor Visa & M-1 Non-Academic Student Visa. Check your eligibility and apply for the visa that you’ll most likely need.

Hope this serves as a checklist before you finally make the move abroad. Most importantly, you need to have a calm mind, a confident approach & the right guidance so as to make a shift that will impact both your mental well being as well as your future career trajectory. Know More – Abroad Ninja